A physical-chemical treatment system for Inver-Valspar

The need to obtain tangible improvements in the washing process quality, combined with the desire to reduce its water consumption and make more efficient use of resources, has led Inver-Valspar to integrate its powder coating production process with a waste water treatment plant.

The system installed by Inver-Valspar, SEDFLOC 500, is able to treat approximately 500 litres of water in a continuous mode. It is equipped with automatic dosing and operating systems, and consists of:

A clariflocculation and sedimentation station made in AISI 304 steel consisting of two tanks with a capacity of about 50 l each, complete with an electric mixer and a truncated cone shaped sedimentation tank equipped with a stirrer to remove the sludge. It is 1,000 mm wide, 1,400 mm long and 1,670 mm high.

– A 20-l pneumatic dosing unit for the flocculant powder, made in AISI 304 steel and complete with a screw pump.
– A PVC flow metre complete with valves for regulating the flow rate in the plant.
– A submersible pump to feed the plant with the water to be treated.
– A pneumatic sludge pump, complete with a pneumatic closing valve.
– A sludge container in AISI 304 steel (850 mm long, 850 mm large and 950 mm high) complete with a drained water release valve and with rings for the handling operations with a forklift.
– A belt filter (850 mm large) for the filtration of the clarified water.
– A containment tank for the paper fragments from the belt filter.
– A 100-l plastic booster tank for the clarified water, complete with a 220 V booster pump.
– An electrical-electromechanical panel complete with protection systems for the pumps and the minimum and maximum level float switches for the control of the plant operation.

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