Water Energy: Efficient solutions for waste water treatment

With Skimmerflots, Water Energy presents plants for sludge removal. The treated water can be discharged or recycled.

We also provide denaturant and flocculant chemicals. Additionally, chemical physical plants are designed to remove non-biodegradable pollutants, inert mineral substances, heavy metals, mineral oils, detergents, solvents and paints in suspension.

The company’s broad product range also includes demineralisers for the elimination of dissolved salts, osmosis plants, which are suitable and effective for the extraction of dissolved salts by means of osmosis membranes, coalescence separators for the removal of oils, as well as plants working by batch for treating miscellaneous kinds of industrial wastewaters discontinuously, in particular water polluted by ink and paintings.

Read the article published on ipcm® International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 38.