CBM installs a water demineralisation plant by Water Energy

CBM Spa Costruzioni Meccaniche, a well-established company based in Modena (Italy) and specialised in the agricultural machinery sector. It has been producing tractor hooking, towing and lifting systems since 1967, installed a water demineralisation plant to optimise the final rinsing stage of its pre-treatment process and thus obtain perfectly clean surfaces prior to painting.

The demineraliser installed by Water Energy operates through an ion exchange process for the removal of salt from water. It consists of two columns, a cationic and an anionic one; they are regenerated with the most appropriate products: hydrochloric acid for the former and sodium hydroxide for the latter. Demineralisation occurs as water passes through the two columns filled with resins: the cationic section removes the excess ions and the anionic one holds the negative ions. The final result is the pure water fed to the last pre-treatment stage. The eluate is conveyed into a silo and disposed of by a specialised firm as non-hazardous waste. The resins are depleted over time and must be regenerated properly.

Water Energy has also installed a coalescence separator for the separation and removal of the mineral oil present in the pre-treatment baths. The recovered oil is continuously drained and conveyed into a waste oil storage tank through a pipe. The de-oiled water, on the other hand, is sent to the degreasing tank.

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