A new waste water treatment system by Water Energy installed at Verindplast

In order to effectively clean the spray paint booths, the new paintshop of Verindplast, a coating contractor specialising in metal and plastics, was completed with a waste water treatment system provided by Water Energy, with a flotation sludge removal system Skimmerflot 15000.

The plant aims at reducing the sludge concentration in the waste water coming from the coating booths by treating it with special denaturing products for reducing the viscosity of the paints and with flocculants to avoid any sedimentation in the tank as well as the aggregation of the denatured coatings in floating flakes.

“In addition to the consistently high cleanliness degree of the booths and the production line,” says Verindplast Plant Manager Daniele Di Biase. “The sludge recovery efficiency is 80% and its almost total removal is ensured. We have therefore achieved greater efficiency in terms both of maintenance of booths, pumps, and water veils and of disposal, since the sludge is put into drainage bags ready to be collected by a specialised company. We have also reduced the replacement frequency of the booths’ water, which will take place once a year. Finally, yet importantly, we have improved our working environment, which is one of the main goals of our management, together with ecofriendliness and safety.”

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