Water Energy installs a filter press at FHP Monselice – Freudenberg Household Product

To optimise waste water management, FHP Monselice – Freudenberg Household Products, former Gimi Spa, a long-established household goods manufacturer, installed a filter press supplied by Water Energy.

“It is a fully automated solution designed to keep the phosphor degreasing bath continuously filtered during the working activity,” explains Water Energy owner Tommaso Ponara, “while, at the same time, enabling to perform one-off filtering operations on the entire waste water volume to keep it perfectly purified. The semi-automatic system provides for the automatic forward and backward movement of the hydraulic cylinder by means of a hydraulic control unit and control panel. Opening and emptying is controlled by the electrical control panel in both automatic and semi-automatic modes.

During daily operation, the pre-set waste water flow is constantly filtered and then returned to the treatment tunnel. In this way, most of the sludge created during the work cycle is immediately removed from the phospho degreasing bath. Then, at the weekend, a pump is activated to transfer the entire waste water volume into a suitably sized, truncated cone-shaped tank from which, after a certain period, the liquid is returned to the bath through the filter press. The residual sludge in the conical part of the tank is then also removed. The final filtration stage is controlled by the differential pressure switch. The safety guards consist of photoelectric curtains applied on both sides of the operating area.”

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