The company

The company Water Energy, operating in the field of industrial water treatment, was founded in 2006 thanks to the union of different professionalisms and areas of expertise: primarily, chemical and mechanical engineering areas related to the design and construction of treatment plants.

Water Energy offers innovative and technologically consolidated solutions in the following business areas:

  • industrial coatings;
  • paper companies, papermills;
  • woodworking;
  • carpentries;
  • engineering companies;
  • typographies and serigraphs;
  • food processing companies;
  • clean-up of contaminated sites.



From the beginning, the corporate mission has been to provide the market with optimization instruments and technologies to reduce water resources consumption at the industrial level and to improve the environmental impact.

Considering that the waste arising from production activities, following anti-pollution regulations related to waste water (Legislative Decree No. 152 of 03/04/2006), in most cases cannot be conveyed directly into the receiving water body they are intended for, they need targeted purification treatments.

Water Energy offers the possibility to carry out on-site purification, thanks to its multiple plant and equipment solutions, which allow the re-use of treated water.

It follows, for the company that decides to implement a specific treatment process, a considerable reduction of water consumption costs, disposal, retrofitting, maintenance of production lines and collecting tanks, thus improving the production process.


With the continuous development of the technologies used, Water Energy pays special attention to the issue of safety at work with constant training of its personnel both from a security point of view at work and in terms of updates related to procedures and sector’s technologies.

To allow a better service to its costumer, Water Energy has been recently updated his certificate ISO to the ISO 9001:2015 standards, in the fields of design and construction of water treatment systems and marketing of chemical products.


  • Certification DURC, single document of regular contributions (click to download)
  • Legality Rating, certification document of the legality of the company (click to download)
  • CONTRIBUTION TO SUPPORT THE SAFETY RE-START OF ENTERPRISES OF BOLOGNA AREA AFTER THE COVID 19 EMERGENCY – Deliverd by Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura di Bologna (click to download)