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Black Water Recycling System

Water Energy with all that it features wants to be a partner of such firms that produce infected water as a primary result of one or more of their particular operating process. Usually this has to be disposed of from adequate structures wich become a truly massive yearly cost. Water Energy supplies the chance to do at any location filtering of the water, because of its numerous products of plants and technology that permits re-using the used water.

Our Product

Our solutions' main function is to deal with processed water in which non-biodegradable polluting elements, such as inert mineral and organic substances can be located, as well as mineral oils the likes of solvents, detergents paint or suspended remains.

Our Most Known

Water Energy has for sale several kinds of minerals filtering. The most wide-spread are: Quartz silica in many different grain sizes to hold mud, sand, algae as well as is adequate to clarify the water. we utilize activated carbons that hold solvents, surfactants, flavors, colors, smells and various other floating components.

The point guide in the creation and production of devices aimed at the treatment and recycling of used water from professional processes is definitely the Italian firm Water Energy . Leader on the market, Water Energy has consistently managed both nationwide and worldwide.The business's goal is to supply the marketplace with the programs and technological innovation to lower fluids use by enhancing the natural impact. The outstanding systematic andtechnological knoledge assures towards the Water Energy plants the maximum capability in the management of trash liquid, plants to the filtration and removal of industrial fluids.In a area in which rules are multiplying and getting to be increasingly rigid, Water Energy keeps going in conformity with appropriate obligations and has the required qualifications.Water Energy Wastewater Treatment Plants make it easy for you to decrease the charges of water utilization of your organization by engaging in an on-site purification that lets you recycle the processed water or discharge it in the sewer line according to laws. The effect is a lessening in elimination charges along with an improvement with the output method.Water Energy analyses with the customer the ideal answer for wastewater treatment: credentialed chemical analysis service, test of pre-existing plants, different layout, common and amazing care. The professionalism of Water Energy comes with you in every single phase.The market sectors of program of the programs made and crafted by Water Energy a variety of: professional decorating, documents generators, carpenter's, metalworking, design companies, printing and silk-screen printing, meals producing businesses, vanity packaging and area reclamation places.Water Energy can handle and follows the client and in the after-sales period, providing the services and protection of pre-existing products as well as the important supply of chemicals and genuine spare components to the right doing work for the method.The Water Energy plant catalog is extremely diverse and permits the procedure and recycling of waste waters for any professional require.The Water Energy technological workforce finds out chemical-physical treatment method installations intended to deal lose liquid that contain non-able to degrade naturally contained unsafe elements such as: mineral combinations, natural and organic product, mineral fats, heavy metals, detergents, solvents, tints and terminated deposits.By using a string of numerous result periods, the SEDFLOC liquid treatment installations provide the specified chemical changes for the harming factors to generate good tasting and detachable sludge.These devices acquire the application in numerous commercial industrial sectors: picture, leather factories, tints, silk-screen stamping, manufacturing of tints and inks, etc..The sedimenters created and manufactured by Water Energy have the objective of quickly moving the divorce of gunge made by the chemical-physical treatments for fluids, causing them to put in and become thick on the bottom.Demineralization installations. The demineralization is definitely a chemical-physical approach to waters remedy meant for the removing, complete or incomplete, of dissolved salts and is attained in two methods: with the utilization of ion-exchange resins or invert osmosis.The demineralizers created and manufactured by Water Energy are utilized in the area of liquid remedy deriving by galvanic business systems, exterior procedure, producing and change for better of precious metals as well as in the economic painting sector.The usage of recirculated water allows to obtain appreciable price savings thanks also to an incredibly great cyclic render.Water Energy has the capacity to give its customers using a wide range of technical solutions and specific resins for each type of water to be treated according to industrial needs: strong cation resin plants, weak cation resin plants, strong anionic resin plants, weak anionic resin installations, regenerative anionic resin facilities, combined bed facilities, selective resin facilities for metallic therapy. Upstream of your resins department, the Water Energy develop are geared up with triggered carbon clarification products for the adsorption of organic pollutants.The separators of Water Energy split mineral oils, additionally in emulsion, existing in the process liquid.Water Energy types and manufactures coalescence oiling programs of liquid dirtied along with mineral oils, greases, fuel and other soft fractions drawing in the fractionation of fat.The Water Energy vacuum concentrator evaporators makes use of the combined effect of the vacuum and also the heat pump to acquire the distillation of low-temperature aqueous solutions (around 35-50°C).In this way you can substantially lessen the number of lose destined for convenience and retrieve the purified liquid inside generation cycle.In some instances it's also easy to recuperate and improve raw supplies found in option inside the wastewater.These products are specifically appropriate for the relief extremely polluting and competitive wastewater, challenging manage with conventional tactics.Because our evaporators or concentrators work with vacuum, this optimizes the performance of the power utilized.The SKIMMERFKLOT style floats made and manufactured by Water Energy are methods that continually separate stopped pollution or emulsions in business method liquids by flotation of the level of debris produced on the water area.Largely made for the recirculation liquid treating of product booths, the Skimmerflot filth separators run due to the molecular separating of liquid and debris, allowing its beginning and removing through a supernatant debris skimming method, in regular, and following collection in right draining containers.The debris procedure devices developed by Water Energy are facilities able of speeding up the break up of debris fluids.Cleverly combined with its facilities, Water Energy comes with a number of metering pumps that allow the dosage of chemicals, instantly controlling the quantity of product or service to be dosed according to the real requirements of remedy.Upon request Water Energy supplies pneumatic dosing systems ensuring functionality and reliability of dosing.Water Energy has evolved waters suction power methods called floating peaches, placed on centrifugal sends to feed the treatment plants facilitating the separating of the pollutant.Water Energy exists on the most critical trade fairs, in which it is always glad to satisfy its customers to current the collection of their plants and industry media.


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Water Energy aims to be a technical partner for such companies that in one or more activity sectors have one working cycle which includes the use of water that finally results polluted.

Often this last needs to be disposed off from suitable structures that become a really huge annual cost. Water Energy offers the opportunity to do in site purification of water, thanks to its multiple solutions of plants and equipments that allows re-using the treated water.

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