A new waste water treatment plant for Plast.Met Metallizazione

Plast.Met Metallizzazione, a company from Cassano d’Adda (Milan) specializing in the metallisation, iridescence and coating processes for semi-finished plastic, glass, and metal alloys, has recently installed a new state-of-the-art glass coating plant.

As part of this installation, Water Energy has provided a new water treatment system consisting of two dirt separators from the Skimmerflot 3000 series, which collect process water coming from the two coating booths and carry out the molecular separation of water and sludge. The products used for the treatment are mainly denaturants for the denaturation of the paint and flocculants for its aggregation in the form of floating flakes; these are then removed and collected in big bags after sludge dehydration. Afterwards, water is automatically recirculated and the sludge can be disposed of.

Read the complete article published on ipcm® International Paint & Coating Magazine n. 73: https://www.ipcm.it/en/open/ipcm/2022/73/72-81.aspx