Water management and circular economy thanks to Water Energy plants

Casagrande S.p.A., a company specialized in the design and production of special foundation equipment such as piling rigs, diaphragm systems, and soil investigation, anchors drilling, micro piling, jet-grouting, and tunnelling equipment since 1963, has chosen to install a water treatment system supplied by Water Energy for the recovery and recirculation of waste water from its coating department.

The company has installed a sludge separator from our Skimmerflot 8000 series, which collects the water coming from the collection tanks and carries out the molecular separation of water and sludge. The products used for the treatment, also supplied by us, are mainly denaturants for the denaturation of the paint and flocculants for its aggregation in the form of floating flakes; these are then removed and collected in big bags after sludge dehydration. Water is recirculated automatically, whereas the tanks are emptied and cleaned periodically.

Thanks to our system, the water is constantly kept cleaner and its replacement can take place less frequently. In the ordinary cycle, only the quantity that is lost by evaporation is replenished; therefore, waste management has also been simplified and it is characterised by significant savings. The installation facilitates the control of the entire process which takes place via a digital display, where any anomalies are also reported in compliance with the parameters of Industry 4.0. In addition, any part of the plant is easily accessible to Casagrande technicians to periodically monitor the process.

Read the complete article published on ipcm_International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 61 for further details: https://www.ipcm.it/en/open/ipcm/2020/61/93-98.aspx