Sedimentation Treatment plants "by batch" - series WE

The sedimentation treatment plants “by batch” designed and made by Water Energy, of the series WE, have the function of speeding up the separation of sludge derived from the chemical-physical treatment of water by depositing and thickening them on the bottom.

Water Energy, using the sedimentation technology for some pollutants, is developing a line of plants, called WE, which, by sedimentation, separates pigments and inks of various nature, allowing the reuse or discharge of the obtained water.

They can be made of AISI 304 or rotomolded polypropylene.

Our sedimentation treatment plants by batch are adaptable to various industrial and civil separation processes.

Water Energy offers different solutions:

  • with modular lamellar packs with different degrees of inclination and dimensions;
  • single-block solutions complete with hopper for extraction of sedimented sludge and flotation sludge collector;
  • lamellar packing systems ideal for primary treatment for the removal of oils, fats and hydrocarbons.

Water Energy sedimentation systems are used to clarify: primary and secondary civil water, drinking water, industrial water, and water derived from washes.

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