Chemical Physical plants - series SEDFLOC

Water Energy’s technical team realizes chemical physical treating systems, of the series SEDFLOC, designed and developed to treat wastewater containing non-biodegradable dissolved pollutants such as: inert mineral substances, organic substances, mineral oils, heavy metals, detergents and solvents; paint or debris in suspension. Through a sequence of treatment stages, our SEDFLOC chemical physical plants make all chemical transformations affecting the pollutants dissolved in the wastewater, necessary to obtain a disposable dense sludge which can be transferred by shovel.

Specifically, with the use of proper chemicals, it is possible to obtain a separation by means of gravity (sedimentation) of the pollutants present in the waste waters (first of all, metals sedimentation in the form of hydroxides, insoluble salts, pollutants of inorganic nature, inks and paints), with continuous production of cleared water that is appropriate either to be re-used or to be ready for discharge after filtration through quartz and coal columns or cartridge systems.


Industrial areas of application

Mechanical workshops and factories, serigraphy, waters coming from painting industries using spray booths with water or solvent-based paints, tanneries, dyeing companies.


Technological applications

Wastewater derived from washings and degreasing of mechanical and chemical activities, galvanic activities, pharmaceutical, paints and inks manufacturing.



  • Wastewater treatment suitable for different types of pollutants with the possibility of both recycle or release;
  • compact single skid, easy to transport and install on site;
  • use of materials resistant to corrosion of acids and bases;
  • customizable plants.


Standard equipment

  • Automatic control panel for utilities;
  • dosing systems for chemicals, supplied with pumps;
  • level control probes, to be placed in the reaction tanks;
  • safety devices for any unexpected spills;
  • all components are manufactured according to the highest industry standards and complying with EU current requirements.



  • Remote control for utilities;
  • PLC control with touch screen;
  • level control for chemicals;
  • remote assistance.

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