Chemical-physical purification plants SEDFLOC series

The chemical-physical purification plants, SEDFLOC series, by Water Energy are designed to treat wastewater containing non-biodegradable dissolved pollutants, such as inert mineral substances, organic substances, mineral oils, heavy metals, detergents and solvents, paint or debris in suspension.

Through a sequence of treatment stages, the SEDFLOC plants transform the chemical components of the polluting elements to obtain a disposable dense sludge which can be transferred by shovel.

Specifically, through the use of suitable chemicals, it is possible to obtain a separation by gravity (sedimentation) of the pollutants dissolved in the waste water (primarily, metals in the form of hydroxides and insoluble salts, pollutants of inorganic nature, inks and paints). This will allow continuous production of clarified water suitable for re-use or discharge after filtration through quartz and carbon columns or cartridge systems.

The advantages

The SEDFLOC systems offer continuous water treatment with different types of pollutants with the possibility of recycling or discharge.

The compact design, which is resistant to corrosion caused by acids and bases, makes SEDFLOC easy to transport and install on site.

Technical features

The SEDFLOC purification plant is equipped with:

  • automatic control panel;
  • dosing systems for chemicals, supplied with pumps;
  • level control probes in the reaction tanks;
  • safety devices for any unexpected spill;
  • components compliant with the highest quality standards and EU certification.

In addition to the standard equipment, SEDFLOC can also be equipped with a PLC touch screen control panel, a chemical product level controller and remote controls.

Fields of application

  • Metalworking and surface treatment,
  • serigraphy,
  • waters coming from coating booths using water or solvent-based paints,
  • tanneries and dry cleaners,
  • waters from cleaning and degreasing following mechanical and chemical processes,
  • galvanic plating,
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • paints and coatings manufacturing.

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