Oil-Water Separating plants - series DS

Water Energy oil-water separating plants, of the series DS, are designed for the separation of mineral oils, even in emulsions, present in treatment waters.

Water Energy designs and manufactures coalescence degreasing plants for waters polluted by mineral oils, greases, petrol and other light fractions resulting from the fractionation of oil.

Thanks to coalescence separation, DS degreasing plants play an important role in the continuous removal of oily pollutants in washing or pretreatment tanks.

DS plants are equipped with lamellar packs that can increase the active contact surface and at the same time reduce the size compared to standard degreasing plants.

The increase in the contact surface, facilitates the aggregation of smaller particles into larger particles to facilitate their ascent and separation; this phenomenon is referred to as "coalescence".

The degreasing process takes place thanks to the accumulation in an area of calm of the particles with lower specific weight and to the skim within a collection collector. Recovered oily substances can be drained continuously into collection tanks or relocated to specific storage points. The sedimentable part can be separated discontinuously in specific tanks.

The degreasing technology it is normally used as a preceding stage to chemical-physical treatment or in case of water not easily sedimentable.

DS degreasing plant, based on lamellar packs, are entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and installed on modular SKIDs to help their handling on site.

Our DS series plants are equipped with:

  • n° 3-5 series of lamellar packs in stainless steel AISI 304;
  • self-supporting SKID in stainless steel AISI 304;
  • telescoping floating system with positioning brackets in the tank;
  • feeding pump with resistant housing and spheres in Teflon.

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