Flotation plants - series SKIMMERFLOT

Water Energy flotation plants, of the series SKIMMERFLOT, can remove in continuous both suspended or emulsified pollutants in waters derived from industrial processing by means of flotation of a layer of sludge produced on the surface of the water.

Mainly designed for treatment of waters recirculating in spry booths, Skimmerflot plants, operates by the effect of a molecular separation of water and sludge, allowing it to float and to be eliminated by means of a skimming system in continuous, and subsequently stored in special draining bags.

In order to facilitate the separation of pollutants particles, and to avoid sludge accumulation in the parts of the spray booth subjected to low water stream, at the entrance of the plant, we place a hose providing for air injection. The company also supplies the custom with all chemicals necessary for the proper operation of the plant. The chemicals are designed on the specific need of the costumer.

The specific use of our chemicals, denaturants to denature the paint dispersed by over-spray, and flocculant to allow the aggregation of denatured paint particles under form of floating flakes, will be able to guarantee:

  • un high cleaning degree in the spry booths and in the production lines;
  • at least 80% efficiency in sludge recovery;
  • sludge humidity lower than 40%;
  • the removal of over-spray from water;
  • the decrease in the expenses for spray-booths maintenance, cleaning of pumps, veil and abatement systems;
  • high reduction in volatile pollutants;
  • the achievement of a sludge directly in big-bags ready to be disposed of;
  • the substitution of water in the spray-booths not more than once a year.

The skimmerflots, completely made in stainless steel AISI 304, are differently sized, according to the flow rate (from 3000 l/h up to 15.000 l/h).

Even if primarily designed to treat waters deriving from painting processes, the Skimmerflot plants can also be used in electroplating and chemical industries, surface treatments, food processing and slaughter plants. They can also be used as pre-treatment systems in biological, chemical-physical plants, and in treatment of fats and oil of organic origin.

Each system s standardly equipped with:

  • submerged feeding pump, endowed with grinders for the smashing of any large sludge particle and air micronization;
  • system for the uptake of sludge, with floating disposal self-regulating according to water level;
  • purging system with pipes, and a hose for the air circulation to ensure a constant and widespread water stream in the spray booth tank, and therefore preventing any clustering of sludge particles;
  • pumps for chemicals dosage;
  • sludge container instainless steel AISI 304 or plastic;
  • electromechanical or electro pneumatic switchboard (with PLC touch screen).

Upon request the system can be equipped with:

  • automatic pumps for pH monitoring;
  • level control system for sludge accumulation;
  • water level control system inside the unit;
  • pneumatic pump for recovery of water drained from sludge;
  • system to manage at the same time more spray-booths in a total independent manner one from the other, using a unique Simmerflot;
  • plastic tank, equipped with pump for re-delivery of clean water and level controls;
  • system for distance remote control and/or messages submission.

All Water Energy systems are designed and developed starting from the costumer specific needs and, as a consequence, they are customizable.

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