Flotation plants - series SKIMMERFLOT

The SKIMMERFLOT floatation plant series, designed and manufactured by Water Energy, are systems capable of separating in continuous suspended or emulsified pollutants in industrial processing liquids by means of floatation of a layer of sludge produced on the surface of the water.

Mainly designed for the treatment of the recirculation water of painting booths, the Skimmerflot dirt separators operate as a result of a mechanical separation of the water and the sludge, allowing the emersion and elimination by means of a system for skimming the supernatant particles, in continuous, and subsequent accumulation in special containers where draining bags are housed.

In order to facilitate the separation of pollutants and the floating of the mud, Water Energy uses micronized air injected directly both inside the power supply circuit and on the bottom of the reaction tank to facilitate the floating of the sludge produced. Thanks to the use of specific chemical products, produced and marketed by Water Energy, maximum treatment efficiency is guaranteed in each plant based on the different requests of each customer.


The use of specific products for the treatment of paints allows to obtain the following results:

  • a high degree of cleanliness of the spray booths and production lines;
  • 80% efficiency in sludge recovery;
  • humidity of the sludge lower than 40%;
  • total removal of sludge from the closed-loop water supply system of the production line or specifically from the coating overspray;
  • significant reduction in maintenance costs for painting booths and water handling systems;
  • significant reduction of volatile pollutants;
  • accumulation of sludge directly in big-bags specific for drainage and ready for disposal;
  • disposal of the water in the painting booths on an annual basis.

Technical features

All Water Energy systems are designed and developed starting from the specific needs of the customer and are therefore customizable.

Each system is provided in its standard equipment with:

  • submerged/external feeding pump for powering the system with integrated shredding system;
  • self-regulating flotation sludge collection system;
  • purging system for the handling and removal of clustering sludge on the bottom of the plant;
  • chemicals dosing pumps;
  • sludge accumulation container in AISI 304 steel or plastic material;
  • pulpit electric control panel, complete with 7” Touch Screen PLC or electro-pneumatic panel.

Furthermore, upon request the system can be equipped with:

  • dosing pump for automatic adjustment of the optimal reaction pH by means of a pH electrode probe;
  • sludge accumulation level control system;
  • water level control system inside the flotation plant;
  • pneumatic recovery system for sludge drainage water;
  • management system for treating multiple spray booths in a totally independent way from each other with a single Skimmerflot dirt separator;
  • clean water relaunch system by means of a relaunch tank complete with pump and level controls;
  • remote control system and/or error messages submission.

Fields of application

Made entirely of AISI 304 steel, depending on the hydraulic flow rates to be treated, the Skimmerflot systems can be produced for the treatment of water flows from 1.500 l/h to 15.000 l/h.

Although mainly designed for the treatment of water deriving from painting processes, Skimmerflot dirt separators are also used in the electroplating, chemical, surface treatment, food processing and slaughtering industries. They can also be used as pre-treatment in biological and chemical-physical plants and treatment of fats and oils of organic origin.